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China Cover

Nice China Censored Airmail Cover


1957 China 1st Day of Issue Cover Geese in Flight: Shanghai Postmark


China mailed cover with letter August, 1948


1959 China 10th Anniversity PRC 1949-1959 Cover-Likely 1st Issue Revolutionaries


China stamped mailing cover containing letter November, 1948


CHINA 1949 $330 Rate Gold Yuan Cover Shanghai to New York USA


China stamped mailing cover folded with letter 1949


China stamped mailing cover 1942


CHINA 1949 Mix Franked Gold Yuan Cover Shanghai to USA


CHINA 1932 5c Rate Cover from Taiyuan to Peking


CHINA Shanghai Local Post 1893 1c Cover to Local Shanghai Club


CHINA 1949 Registered Stamp Cover to Chengtu Supreme Court House


China Clipper First Flight Registered Hong Kong to San Francisco Cover


China M1 800y Military postal stamp used on cover, rare find


c1941 China cover - Paotingfu to Boston MA - 160x98mm


CHINA 1949 Silver Yuan Airmail Cover from Hunan Changsa to Canton


China Mixed stamps R8- 2 1/2f x3 and R16 R7 1,600y 50y used on cover, VF rare


1952 China Airmail Cover From Canton, China to the USA, Inflation Stamps, Franks


1959 China 10th Anniversity of PRC 1949-1959 Cover-Likely 1st Issue Mao Speaking


1940 China #366 w Fukien cncl on surface rate cover to US; Minhow slogan tran*d


China cover to USA


China S72 Childrens games full set used on cover, VF


China 1940 Registered Cover to USA - Z7796


CHINA 1943 Registered Cover to Sichuan Supreme Court House


China S46 Tang Sam Tsai full set stamps used on registered cover, VF


China Cult Rev W1 Mao's Thought W5 and W18 used on cover, VF


1959 China Airmail Letter-Possible 1st Issue, Flag, etc.


CHINA Taiwan 1948 Express Cover from Hsinchu to Taipei City


CHINA 1948 Cover from Lanchow to Shanghai Air Force Military Department


China Cult Rev W9 Mao 1968 early used on cover, VF




CHINA 1911 16c Carp Stamp on Cover Wenhsien to USA


China C8 NE-3 Stalin and Mao 20,000y and C8-1.2 used on cover VF


1958 China Airmail Letter-Forrestry, Working the Land


Interesting China Cover


China Pan American Clipper via Hong Kong Cover w/ crease


China C6 Flags original full set with R1 strip of 3- 3,000y used on cover


China S46 Tang San Tsai S61 Peonies and W R stamps on cover, VF


China Early Wuchang Cover to USA - Z7798


China stamped mailing cover of 30 stamps circa 1949-53