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Unusual Plane

Smooth plane, unusual base, V&B 1 3/4" iron, "Uncle Sam", Chicago 9" long


Unique Core Box Plane Unusual Possible Pattern-Makers Original Design


unusual wood smoothing plane w/ Sandusky Tool iron & "boat" shape


vintage Dunlap 9" bench plane unusual lateral adjuster


Stanley Sweetheart no. 45 combination plane with 25 cutters in unusual box nice


Antique Unusual Double Shoulder Pattern Maker's Bench Smooth Plane




Vintage Rabbet Plane - Unusual Design.


unusual whale shaped wood smoothing plane w/ Sorby Sheffield iron


unusual large & heavy wood apothecary plane w/ marked 3-5/8" iron & 3 wedges


unusual small aluminum bodied wood router plane w/ 1/4" iron & height adjustment


unusual & massive wood spill plane w/ cast iron body


unusual & impressive handled cast iron wood chamfer plane


antique unusual 2 handed hand rail plane building construction from Maine


showy rabbet wood plane w/ steel wedge in unusual open pocket


unusual British wood chamfer molding or moulding plane w/ brass frame


showy infill style rabbet wood plane w/ unusual long wedge & Marples iron


showy & unusual instrument makers mini wood plane w/ violin carved into wedge


Vintage STANLEY NO 4 PLANE . Unusual Red Lever Cap And Dark Handles


unusual double handled wood smoothing plane w/ Gussstahl Germany iron


unusual low angle brass wood rabbet plane w/ unique wedge pocket


Unusual Notching Plane Wood Tool Rosewood Body Cabinet Maker


unusual cast iron wood rabbet plane w/ partially open wedge pocket




vintage unusual wood plane narrow blade large hand tool hardware antique type


Antique R Harron New York NY unusual rabbet smoother Wood Plane Newbould Iron


Unusual Early Groove Plane with Second Blade to Plane Board Top Pull Tug Hole


Vtg STANLEY #4 Bench WOOD Planer PLANE Solid Condition UNUSUAL TOOL Plastic Grip


Unusual 4 Edge Blade Aluminum Body Wood Plane, Square Blade Has 4 Cutting Edges


unusual European V groove or chamfer wood molding moulding plane w/ brass skate


O635 Unusual Square Bar Sliding Plow Grooving Plane With 1/2 Round Slide Guide


unusual V groove wood molding moulding plane w/ auto-centering double fence


Antique Stanley USA Brass Iron Small Carpentry Plane Unusual Planer Tool Parts


very unusual C Fuller Boston handled wood 7/32" dado molding moulding plane 2*


Aluminum Razor Plane Pat. Applied For Unusual Patent


unusual European tiny hollow wood molding moulding plane w/ adjustable fence


Early unusual W.H. Blye "Deruxter" Wood Working Molding Plane Vintage Antique