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Weather Bureau

US Weather Bureau Marine Barograph G-222 from SS HOPE USS Consolation AH-15


1939 Weather Bureau poster of cloud forms


1965 Press Photo Weather Bureau office at Albany, New York County Airport


US Weather Bureau Marine Barograph -G-222, BRASS - MADE IN USA


U S Weather Bureau Dodge City KS Kansas Postcard


Biennial Report Oregon Weather Bureau 1891 Frank C. Baker State Printer


1938 Press Photo Weather Bureau warns for coming storm headed towards east coast


1970 Press Photo Stephen Lichtblau of New Orleans Office, U.S. Weather Bureau


1974 Press Photo Robert Hassling shows Hurricane "Carmen" at U.S. Weather Bureau


1938 Press Photo New Orleans Weather Bureau Meteorologist Willard F. McDonald


1939 Press Photo US Weather bureau checks wind velocity for a tropical hurricane


1979 Press Photo Ken A. Holmes, Weather Bureau works with computers - spb12033


1940 Press Photo Meteorologists R. A. Dyke of the New Orleans weather bureau


1983 Press Photo Meteorologist Roland Loffredo at Albany, NY weather bureau


1936 Press Photo U.S Weather Bureau Airator at Fairbanks Alaska


1970 Press Photo Birmingham Weather Bureau Chief Bob Ferry points to map


1934 Press Photo Vincent E Jakl Weather Bureau Kansas City Missouri


1982 Press Photo Meteorologist points to radar at Albany, NY weather bureau


1963 Press Photo Weather Bureau Statistician,scans the sky for predicted rain


1959 US Weather Bureau Hurricane Alert weathermen Chesterfield vintage print Ad


1961 Press Photo Charlie Sprinkle Cleveland Weather Bureau Walking In From Rain


1963 Press Photo Weather bureau employee Rollin Mannie in up to his waist snow


Colorado Postcard US Weather Bureau Station Rollins Pass Moffat Road CO Snow


1938 Press Photo Observer at Washington Weather Bureau checking for instruments


U.S. Weather Bureau, Burlington, Vermont


1982 Press Photo Roland Leffredo sits at weather bureau console, Albany Airport


1940 Press Photo Picture from the weather bureau showing measuring equipment.


1958 Press Photo Spokane Weather Bureau's official station mercury 98 degrees


1966 Press Photo The Weather Bureau at Spokane Intl' Airport celebrate 85 years.


1983 Press Photo Roland Leffredo sits at weather bureau console, Albany Airport


1923 Press Photo E. B. Calvert of U.S. Weather Bureau listening to reports


1934 Press Photo Lt.Emory Stephens Navy Aerologist at S.F. Weather Bureau.


1958 Press Photo Derald Wiley, member of the weather bureau staff in Spokane


1970 Press Photo Cecil R. Jobe of Weather Bureau - abna32384


1932 Press Photo Weather Bureau Tower on Top of Hamm Building at St Paul